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Verdad y Orgullo - Truth and Pride


Mission Statement 
The mission of the New Mexican Hispanic Culture Preservation League is to Preserve the heritage, Spanish language and the history of Hispanic New Mexico, to promote the education and understanding of the contributions of Hispanics to the development of New Mexico and the nation, to protect the history of the New Mexican Hispanic heritage and culture.  To achieve this mission, we will seek the TRUTH of our heritage and history, and restore the TRUTH and PRIDE of our New Mexican Hispanic Culture.

La Orden de Isabel la Católica, the Order of Isabela the Catholic honor will be presented by Ambassador Enric Panes, Consul General of Spain, to Maria Conchita Marquez de Lucero and husband
John Padilla y Lucero, of Alburquerque.   This couple is being awarded the honor for their dedication in preserving the Spanish heritage, language, history, culture traditions, and customs.  As founding members of  the New Mexican Hispanic Culture Preservation League  they worked to acknowledge the history and culture of the first European settlers to New Mexico with a 33 piece bronze sculpture La Jornada, the Journey, located in front of the Alburquerque Museum at the corner of Mountain and 17th.  Street NW. Directly behind the monument is a wall naming the 400 settles, who came up the Camino Real in 1598 bringing life stock, agriculture products. Many Hispanics can trace their roots to the original settlers. They were also founding members of El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, working  to education others of the positive impact of the settlers. Their interest did not stop in New Mexico ,they were also active in the El Paso dedication to don Juan de Oñate , the Equestrian, which is the  world’s largest equestrian sculpture. Conchita was appointed to the Cuartocentenario (400 the year celebration) planning committee for Alburquerque, and chaired the parade.  During the city of Alburquerque’s 300th birthday in 2006 the couple reenacted their founding ancestors in the Plaza dedication ceremony. They both trace their roots to  a common ancestor Captain Gerónimo Márquez from San Lucar de Barrameda mayor  Spain  in the 16th century and have visited the towns of origin of their ancestors. John is retired from Bernalillo County, where he was director of Building and Zoning and was elected to serve on the New Mexico Public Employees Retirement Association Board. Conchita is retired from Bernalillo County, where she was a Senior Tax Researcher in the Treasurer’s office prior to being Agriculture Supervisor in the Assessor’s Office.

The Order was created by King Ferdinand VI of Spain in honor of Queen Isabel I of Castile with the name of "Royal and American Order of Isabel the Catholic" with the intent of "rewarding the firm allegiance to Spain and the merits of Spanish citizens and foreigners in good standing with the nation and especially in those exceptional services provided in pursuit of territories in America and overseas." The King of Spain, Felipe VI, is Grand Master of the Order.  The Chancellor of the Order is Minister of Foreign Affairs José Manuel García-Margallo.

 Other notables who have received the honor include former Ambassador Ed Romero, Gen. Melvyn Montaño, Fray Angelico Chavez, Maria Benitez, Ambassador Frank Oritz, Dr. Jose Sanchez, Jose Antonio Esquibel, Dr. John L. Kessell, Marc Simmons PhD., Socorro V. Aragon, Bob Moore, and Carlos Fuentes. Felix Almaraz PhD., Jose Cisneros artists, Sheldon Hall Honorary Consul to Spain from El Paso, Texas, and Orlando Romero a local author, historian and columnist for The New Mexican.  (Source of this article: Catholic Communicator).

Dear HCPL Board

 Over the years we all strived to make a difference and I know we can be proud of our results.  I wanted you to know that at the honor ceremony I asked about an award for Millie who we know was the catalyst promoting history and the wonderful La Jornada, I felt it an honor to have her as my mentor.  Unfortunately the La Orden de Isabel la Católica does not give awards posthumously.  I felt it very important to make sure the La Jornada was mentioned to get media attention, over the years I have talked to far too many Hispanics that do not know it exists. Also I wanted everyone to know that I dedicated the honor to our ancestor's history and our primos who helped us on the way. I was told to make it a short thank you by Albert Gallegos, Honorary Consul, I did not list you all other than primos.  John on the other  hand was brave and gave a lists. It was wonderful working with all of you over the years, thank you for that honor. 
John Padilla y Lucero and Maria Conchita Marquez de Lucero  

NMHCPL Projects

 A legislative bill to make Don Gaspar Perez de Villagrá's epic poem, published in 1610, Historia de la Nueva Mexico, the epic poem of New Mexico. This being helpful in educating our children on their history.

To make two semesters of New Mexico history a requirement for graduation from a High School in New Mexico. UPDATE!! HB 139 Requiring one half semester of New Mexican History be taught, has passed and has been signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson. Thank you to all who worked so very hard on this project: Samuel Delgado, Robert Rodriguez, Ruben Salas, Eva Torres Aschenbrener and many, many others who called, visited and wrote letters to their legislators and the Governor. SUCCESS! After seventeen years of work!

To make a three-hour course in New Mexico history a requirement for teacher certification in New Mexico.

The formation of a speakers bureau.



The Pueblo Revovt Massacre by Ruben Salez







  Thumbs up !
 The Pueblo Revolt Massacre  
by  Rubén SálazMárquez

    Different authors put a spin on the 1680 San Lorenzo massacre so what are you to think if you have not read   the documents?  This book shows investigative comparisons so YOU will be able to decide

  Book stores selling - The Pueblo Revolt Massacre
Are:Page One, Borders, Barnes & Noble,  


Old Town Treasure House and The  National   Hispanic Culture Center     The book sells for $19.99




 NMHCPL hopes you will help set the public perception of 
Popé and the 1680 Massacre right.
Know the facts not the fiction

     Remembering Adelantado 
           Sheldon Hall

Iglesia de San Roque of Philadelphia celebrates its one year anniversary Aug. 9ht- 16th visit web site for more info.

Bataan Gold Medal Update



ABQ Journal 12/27/2011, A6

It All Boils Down To Respect

 Why "Mexican" is a racial slur in New Mexico. Hispanic New Mexicans have always taken our pledge of allegiance to The United States of America, one nation under God seriously, defending it with our blood. New Mexicans gave their money to George Washington's war of independence. The New Mexican government refused to shed the blood of U.S. solders when we were invaded. Hispanics have fought bravely and with honor in all of this Countries wars, dying on the beaches of Europe, the rice fields of Viet Nam, and after being the first responders a day after Pearl Harbor, left by our government in the hands of the Japanese at Bataan, yet they returned with the same love for our United States.

     New Mexicans also give reverence and honor to our ancestors and will not deny our true heritage whether  Spanish, French, Indian, Mexican, and others. When called a "Mexican" as a racial slur our only defense can be to "forgive and forget", making it the perfect tool to keep the native population of this state "in its place".

   How different would the graduation rates be, if New Mexico's history and native populations were respected by all the teachers and administrators in our schools?     Orae Dominguez




 Santa Fe, genealogical researcher

and historian José Antonio Esquibel

2000 Adelantado Award winner received

the Cruz de Oficial (Officer’s Cross)

of the Orden de Isabel la Católica

(Order of Isabel the Catholic),

granted to him by order of Juan Carlos

II, King of Spain. Representing the King

was His Excellency Ambassador Miguel

Ángel Fernández de Mazarambroz

of the General Consulate of Spain,


Santa Fe 400th opening remarks by H.R.H. the Prince of Asturias PDF 



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